Coaching Series

Create a better functioning team. 

Join us for a 16 week, in-depth series. Learn how to build a profitable business and create a team where agents are attracted and want to stay.
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Course starts Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

Gain freedom from the work you no longer want to do.

Have you considered starting a team to help leverage your business? 
Are you currently leading a team and feel like you are being pulled in a million directions? 
Are you worried your clients won't get the service they deserve based on your limited time and distractions?
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Learn how Beth Nordaune, CEO & founder of the Enclave Team, built one of Inman's Top 25 Teams in the US & got completely out of production & running the day-to-day operations of the team. 

Beth will help you:
  • Increase Sales
  • Create a better functioning team
  • Build a business that is profitable and scalable.
  • Gain freedom from the work you no longer want to do

Build a business that is profitable and scalable.

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Schedule time with Beth to learn more about her journey and how she might be able to help. 

Our students love us

“Beth was the mentor I had been looking for. She is insightful and funny. She empathizes with the business problems you're trying to solve, but is a straight talker and asks great questions as she empowers you to move towards your own solutions. If you value your free time, your business life, and your profit, Beth will help you maximize them all. Hiring Beth was a financial commitment for me, but I knew that it would be worth it. Two years later, my business is as profitable as ever, and I'm moving towards important personal and family goals as well.” 
Petra Fager,
Sales Executive
Working with Beth has been, in one word, refreshing. It’s given me a complete mindset shift. She has assisted me with developing a clear vision for my business, provided powerful tools to create systems/processes, and added tremendous value for future growth of my business. She challenges me to think outside of the box while holding me accountable for my actions. She has driven home the importance of taking time for myself and setting boundaries to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Beth keeps it real. She has provided real value to my business.
Chris Walsh,
The Webb Group

Learn actionable skills:

Manage staff turnover & under performing agents

Work through growth challenges

Solve cash flow issues

Set direction & keep people motivated

Find talent & develop leaders

Teach people to do

Beth Nordaune

Beth started her team over 12 years ago and is now the CEO and founder of the Enclave Team; one of Inmans top 25 large teams in the US, which is spread between two of the largest cities in Minnesota. The average agent on the Encalve team sells $8.5 million in volume and 23 transactions annually. Her team will help over 500 families this year buy or sell a home.

Beth has moved out of production and daily team operations to start The Enclave Way, where she coaches and consults the operational framework that increased her revenue 70% in three years. Her speciality is working with team leaders that want to
grow to a large or mega team. The Enclave Way has the map to help you scale into something bigger than yourself.

I am here to help you grow beyond the top performer and to put your team, your culture, and your brand first. It’s no longer about you. You can have a profitable business, a cohesive team culture, and a healthy work-life balance.”
Patrick Jones - Course author

Course reviews

Beth has been instrumental in providing clarity in my business. Beth does a remarkable job of getting to the heart of what you need and has a gift in helping you achieve that. She helped me with everything from time management, hiring correctly, business systems, finances, branding, and the list goes on. She is an open book about her journey in business and life so others can learn from it. I appreciate her transparency and willingness to share any resources that could help me fast track my business. She helps you create long-term goals for yourself and follows through with you to break it down into sizable action plans that any business owner can benefit and see results from in 30 or 90 days from now. She is worth the investment and is a key reason why I was able to see my business transform overnight and provide balance in my life. I agree that every business owner needs a coach, but I believe the right coach makes all the difference in the world. She is actively still running a business so she can provide actionable real-life steps. There were times I was busy and got off track but she never made you feel bad and instead helps you refocus, pushes you to get to work, keeps you accountable, and provides tools and resources to help you achieve it. If you are looking for someone to help provide your business with a sense of purpose, Beth is your person! 
Tasha Soundara
Realtor | New Home Agency