Lead Sources Mastermind

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Course Features
  • 1 hour of live discussion

  • Moderator: Devin Ihme
  • Level:  New Agent,  Experienced Agent
Course Overview
Are you looking to add an additional lead source to your business this year?  In this mastermind, we'll dive into and analyze the best sources to generate leads from people you haven't met.  We'll bring on special guests who specialize in each lead source to break down their cost, conversion rates, ROI, and pros & cons.
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Meet The Moderator

Devin Ihme

Devin is the Team Leader for the Lakeside Team in Lexington, SC, and a South Carolina native.

An experienced Real Estate Broker who is skilled in advertising, marketing, and home sales, Devin is a Gold Award recipient of the Residential Circle of Excellence by the Realtor Association.

Devin has earned the title of "Miracle Agent" by the Children's Miracle Network for donations and is a world traveler, radio personality, husband, and father of 2.
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