Massive Growth Mastermind (Hatch Huddle)

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Course Features
  • 1 hour of live discussion

  • Moderators: Erik Hatch & Robbie T
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams
Course Overview
Start each week with a mastermind focused on developing the mindset and skills to achieve massive growth in your business. Join us every Monday for a new discussion topic!
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Meet the Moderators

Erik Hatch
Elite Agent
Erik Hatch is an entrepreneur, public speaker, Realtor®, author, coach, investor, do-gooder, husband, father and mediocre golfer.

Erik has nearly 20 businesses that he owns and/or operates with the help of some tremendous partners and 2 non-profit movements that have raised more than $3 million to help serve children and families in need.
Robbie Trefethren
Robby Trefethren is known as the Lead Geek for a reason. He has devoted the last 7 years to mastering the lead conversion game. He shares his thoughts within the Leads Geeks community, his coaching clients, our team, or anyone willing to listen. 

Robby started out in real estate as an ISA in 2013. In three years, he made over 100,000 calls, contacted 10,000+ leads, and set over 1,000 appointments. This led to nearly 500 closings for Hatch Realty which, at the time, was an enigma in the real estate industry.

He has since merged his lead conversion skills and passion for learning to coach and train many of the top real estate teams in the country.

Robby is the brains behind the Hatch ISA, Hatch Systems and Messaging. These products are used by over 400 real estate teams around the country, including some of the biggest names like Robert Slack, Gary Ashton, Mike Novak and Hatch Realty.

Robby is also an owner and coach of Hatch Coaching, which is helping the industry redefine how people treat people. Robby is recognized as the most sought after and trusted authority in lead conversion.