NLP Hacks To Improve Your Business

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Course Overview
How can you identify unconscious communication styles within yourself and others? Learn how to understand eye movements, how to pick up and elicit your client's decision making strategies, and anchoring techniques that quickly build rapport.
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Course Features
  • Instructor: Rob Kayce
  • Live Time: 54 Mins
  • Video time: 54 Mins
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams
Topics Covered
  • NLP Model of Communication
  • Identify Unconscious Communication Styles Within Yourself & Others
  • Understanding Eye Movements
  • How To Elicit A Client's Unconscious Strategies
  • How To Install Positive States In Your Clients

 Personal Development

Meet The Instructor

Rob Kayce

Rob is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Owner and Coach at Quantum NLP Trainings where he helps people get the changes they want!

Imagine having breakthroughs at a deep unconscious level. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a way for us to assist you in achieving that. Our brains are like a computer and we help rewrite the software to create lasting change. With NLP, these changes can occur in a matter of minutes and sometimes faster.

We work with high level performers from the corporate world to athletes that want to see an increase in their production. Let us work with you to uncover the beliefs, patterns and relationship between your thoughts and your outer world in order to clear the space necessary for substantial growth.
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