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The Best Apps For Creative Marketing And Design

Learn how to create stunning one-of-a-kind social media marketing pieces, enhance photos, and more right from your phone while on the go. We'll go over all the apps to use, device compatibility, and the best features of each app to improve your creative skills!
Topics Covered
  • Favorite apps for creating content on the go
  • Favorite platform for content creation
  • Creative ideas using the best features of each app

Creative Marketing & Design

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Course features
  • Instructor: Bri White
  • Video time: 45 Mins
Level:  New Agent,  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams
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Meet the instructor

Bri White

Outside Contributor

Bri has been a successful member of the real estate community for over 10 years and during her journey she has gained global recognition for her savvy marketing concepts.
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