Lesson series

The Thought Model

Learn how to create the thoughts that keep you moving forward toward your goals and help you to gain a new perspective, and find solutions when feeling stuck, confused, or overwhelmed.
Topics Covered
  • What is a thought?
  • Negative and repetitive thoughts
  • Being intentional
  • Programming Ladder

 Personal Development

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Course features
  • Instructor: Tony Caliendo
  • Video time: 50 Mins
Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams
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Meet the instructor

Tony Caliendo

Orange County, CA

Tony is a 13-year coaching veteran who has been a licensed agent for 20+ years. Tony has more than 5,000 1x1 coaching hours under his belt, and his private clients earn between $200K and $1 million per year in income. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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