Get a Virtual Assistant (VA) in 30 Days. 

How does Spring process 1,000+ transactions per year - and maintain profitability? Simple! She built an international team of college educated talent to create leverage.

This course doesn't just teach you how to do this. We do the work for you. In just 30 days, we will:
  • Find a Virtual Assistant (VA) from our network of qualified, college-educated assistants. 
  • Place a VA on your team to fulfill your unique needs
  • Help you train & onboard your VA.
  • Provide you the systems & processes to manage your VA and help them thrive.
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What you get:

Say goodbye to working long hours.
Start scaling with profit and certainty you
have the bandwidth to do so.

VA Placement

We will help you place your first VA and walk you through how to keep them as a thriving member of your team.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn how to hire, train, and manage a team of virtual assistants. Includes: recommended meeting sequence & how to maintain positive team culture.

Live Q&A 1x per Week

Every week, meet with Sara, who setup the virtual assistant workforce for Spring Bengtzen. Ask questions to help standup your virtual team. 


Do you want leverage?
Access college-educated talent - for 75% less than a traditional employee.

Optimize. Streamline. Maximize.

You want to streamline your business and stop spending so much of your day on emails,
reminders, social media, data entry, and list building...but you also know these are important to building and scaling your business. There are only so many hours in a day, and the whole
reason you got into real estate was to stop trading time for money!

We will place your first VA.

Learn the step-by-step hiring process. PLUS - as part of this program, we will deliver your first placement.

Onboard & train with ease.

Learn from Spring's Operations Director about how to onboard & train VAs so they will thrive on your team.

Learn how to manage a VA team.

Learn the processes and systems to help you manage your VA team, including KPIs.

Build a great team culture.

Learn how to make your VA team a thriving part of your organization. 

Our students love us

VA's are a game changer for our business when they are hired correctly and trained. The cost makes it affordable for us to scale. We can have them specialize in specific tasks. The turnover is virtually nonexistent . It has made it to where we can scale with profit and certainty that we have the bandwidth to do so.
Justin Taylor, The Taylor Group
We love the new VA’s we placed through VA in 30 Days! We’re onboarding our 2nd VA and super excited!
Christine Cowern
Learn from an industry expert:

Spring Bengtzen

When it comes to living life at the highest level, Spring Bengtzen is at the top of the list. Currently running one of the top producing real estate teams in Utah, Spring and her team at the Utah Life Real Estate Group sold over 450 homes in 2021 and are on track to sell over 700 homes in 2022- positioning them to quickly become one of the top teams in the country. 

But her achievements don’t stop there. 
Over the last four years, Spring has grown her team the Utah Life from seven to over seventy agents, runs an international team of 14 - and continues to grow. 15 months ago, Spring joined Real and has grown her network to just under 1,000 Real agents - a milestone she will surely achieve by the end of this year. Over the last year, she has also been a sought after speaker, delivering numerous trainings on stage to agents and team owners both in and out ofReal - including CollabCon, Oh Shift!, Play Bigger, Rise, WGR and many others. 2022 also marked the launch of her own title company, Meraki, as well as her own coaching company, Spring B, where she focuses on providing leadership training to help real estate agents and team owners Scale Up their businesses, strengthen their Inner Tribe, and achieve Harmony across every aspect of life. 

Spring lives by the belief the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Not only is she a rockstar business woman, Spring is also an amazing and present wife, mom, mentor and friend. When she’s not turning the real estate world completely upside down, she loves working out, traveling the world with her inner circle of women, and completing crazy challenges like Jesse Itzler’s 29029 Everest Challenge, which is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest in 36 hours. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
Our recruiting VA is booking two interviews per day right now, on pace for 40 a month. Absolutely love the results we're already getting!
Scott DeRuiter
Real Brokerage
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