Knowing why, how, and when to start a real estate team can be daunting. Jason walks you through every step of the process.


1. When and why to start a team

2. The interview and hiring process

3. Team Structure (coming soon)

4. Compensation (coming soon)

5. Job Descriptions (coming soon)

6. Oranizational Chart (coming soon)

7. The Changing role of the team leader (coming soon)

Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez
Broker of Record, Real

About The Instructor

Jason is building the California market for Real. Over the past two decades Jason has built large real estate companies associated with Keller Williams, RE/MAX, and Century 21. Additionally he has built two independent real estate companies with a national footprint. Jason is also a real estate business coach helping top agents and agent teams around the country grow and create more freedom in their lives. He serves as a director with The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors, has chaired the PSAR District Council South, and contributes countless volunteer hours to bettering the real estate profession.