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Breakthrough Coaching with Kimberly Ryan

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Coaching with Kim is one of the most influential pieces in becoming a successful, confident contributor to my real estate team. She help position me to be a leader on my team and gave me the ability to protect and serve my clients at the most knowledgeable level.
- Erica
We have a wonderful experience coaching with Kimberly. Her style is walking through life with you, talking scenarios out, and giving you a push when you need one. Because of our coaching with Kimberly, our lives have changed for the better and we now have a different outlook on what our life could be. She is an incredible coach and is a great friend. Highly recommend coaching with Kimberly for work and life improvement.
- Lauren
Kimberly’s coaching style is warm, welcoming and powerful. Over the years she has been instrumental in helping me navigate a number of challenging life and work-related decisions. If you’re needing someone to help you see past your own limiting beliefs, Kimberly’s the perfect choice!
- Cheri
Kimberly Ryan had been a trusted mentor and business coach in my life for nearly a decade. Just coming out of a career in public service, I went into some of our first sessions without a clue as to where I was headed and with a strong fear of failure. As a new mom, juggling too much at one time, I was struggling with the idea of what I am destined “to do” in life. A business mindset was not something I claimed to possess, yet Kimberly met me where I was. She listened to my hopes, dreams and aspirations without judgment and always left me with a thought/challenge to consider at the end of each session. 
- Katie
Over several years of coaching, Kimberly has encouraged me and guided me in the process of discovery. Skills, passion and purpose can align- what holds us back from taking that leap of faith is fear of failure. However, with a firm foundation and clear direction as to who I want to become, I was able to gain the confidence I needed to overcome my fear of failure and move in the direction of my dreams. I have broken the limiting beliefs that kept me from my purpose.
- Kendra
A good coach pushes their client through the threshold of fear, and encourages one to walk out all the possible outcomes. Instead of giving into my fears of the worst case scenario… Kimberly would say.. "let’s walk out the best case scenario.. what does THAT look like and what do you need to do to get there??" Kimberly is an impact player! I have grown to know and appreciate this about her, because she has mentored me to desire the same qualities for myself. 

- Kent

What's included?

This is an exclusive offer for high performing agents who are serious about taking their career to the next level. 

Elevate your career

Coaching is focused on your business goals -- and driving you toward results. Each week, we look at how you are tracking against sales, lead nurture, and outreach. 

Expert instructors

All our coaches are experienced real estate professionals. They are providing their experience to help you quickly build and scale your business. 

Personalized Attention

Coaching is focused on you and your business goals. We will talk about the specific blockers you are facing and how to unblock. 

Set and achieve goals

Our coaching program is focused on goal setting. Each coaching client will set goals and we will track toward your goals each week. 

Breakthrough Coaching

If you are new to coaching or unsure, this is a great place to start. You get 2 sessions per month to work through your personal barriers to success.