Take your fitness to the next level.

  Coaching Series

Real Fit

Want to take your fitness to the next level? 

Whether you are a beginner or experienced fitness enthusiast, this program is designed for the busy professional and can be performed at home or a gym. We offer science-based programming catered to the unique needs of the Real agent / broker.

50 minute workouts, 3 times per week. Live virtual Zoom hosted by Eric with on-demand recordings of the workout available after each section. 

Only limited equipment needed.
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Eric Welch

  • 10+ Years of Fitness Experience
  • B.S Sports Management
  • Certified Personal Trainer-NASM
  • Range of Motion and Muscle Specialist, Muscle Activation Techniques

With more than a decade of fitness training and body mechanics experience, Eric Welch is a highly sought-after personal trainer, hired by everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes and dedicated clients who want to reach goals that previously seemed out of reach.
Eric's programs systematically combine personalized strength exercises with metabolic conditioning, allowing for maximum results. His workouts are easy to follow and are built to consistently progress, ensuring that his clients never plateau or get bored. 
Through these customized, progressive programming and specialized science-based workouts, Eric delivers results—and exceeds expectations in the process.
Patrick Jones - Course author