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Course Overview

Agents across North America connect each week to level up their sales skills, systems & processes, their leadership capabilities & their personal and professional growth.

Join us as we cover everything from lead conversion to foundational personal pillars like fitness and mindset, to processes and language patterns and everything in-between to create a sustainable business and a life by design.

Let's BUILD!

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Course Features

  • 1 hour of live discussion
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer
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Meet the Moderators

Mike Novak
Elite Agent
Mike Novak is the team leader of The Novak Team brokered by Real in Everett, WA with his wife Rachael.

Mike Novak was raised in the Pacific Northwest from the age of 5 years old.
He grew up in a construction family - his father was a project manager for a large commercial construction company and starting at age 12, Mike spent his summers working with his dad on sites all over the Pacific Northwest.

He has experience building schools, gas stations, residential homes, and more.
That same year, Mike climbed Mount Rainier with his dad, then had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to climb many more large peaks around the world including Russia, France, and Bolivia - as well as all of the incredible peaks all over the NorthWest; Mt Baker, Mt Adams, Mt Hood, Mt Shasta and more.

The mindset Mike gained through climbing and working hard from a young age instilled in him an incredibly profound work ethic that he utilizes consistently in his life to this day!
In 2003, Mike and his dad opened a custom and spec home construction company. Between 2003-2008 they developed and built over 60 spec and custom homes.

Mike met his wife (and business partner) Rachael in 2005 and it was love at first sight! They quickly became friends and were married in 2008. Mike truly knows, first-hand, every single step to building a home and can see quality construction from first sight! He utilizes his experience through those years of building to help his clients make informed decisions and explain details from every angle of the process.

In 2008, along with millions of others, Mike & Rachael lost their entire portfolio of 28 home projects, including their personal home, in the crash of the US economy. They know and understand loss, hardship, and picking up your bootstraps to work hard and earn back what you have!

They now have 3 kids (Mya, Tao & Phoebi) and a sweet, rambunctious Golden Retriever, Lucy.

In 2007, Mike and Rachael went into business together and invested in restaurants. From 2007 to 2017, Mike built this company from 1 location and 2 employees to 7 locations and over 400 employees. This is where they honed their marketing, service, and “caring for people” skills to be able to utilize in their real estate business now! Mike is a leading-edge thought leader in the Real Estate space and has been nationally recognized for his work with marketing, processes, and business track record throughout the industry. There isn’t a day that Mike doesn’t love what he does. Through all of the experiences in building, then restaurants, Mike has settled into his role as the Team Leader and Top Agent of the Novak Team well!

Mike is the #1 Real Estate Agent in all of Snohomish County for 2020; helping the most amount of families find their perfect home- despite a worldwide pandemic - and he’s excited to meet with you to discuss your goals and help find you the perfect home as well!
Mike also mentors dozens of agents across the Country and helps them grow their skill set, enhance their leadership capabilities and scale their teams. He has spoken in front of thousands of people at various real estate conferences from Hatch Coaching, Ylopo, Sierra Interactive, SISU and many others.
Rachael Novak
Elite Agent
Rachael Novak is the team leader and listing manager of The Novak Team brokered by Real in Everett, WA with her husband, Mike.

Rachael Novak was born and raised in the Northwest; growing up in a small town and being the oldest of 4, she learned responsibility and taking ownership of one’s life at an early age.

She has always been involved with people; babysitting from a young age, running the Sunday School nursery from age 12, and being involved with many school programs and student body councils throughout middle and high school.

Rachael played competitive softball from the age of 10 until 18, she played the clarinet in her school band and was a drum major for the marching band as well. After high school, Rachael knew she wanted to work in the service of people so she started out working in a bank, and within 2 years she transferred to the front desk of a real estate brokerage office. She loved the atmosphere, the clientele and the energy so she quickly got her license in 2006.

Rachael met her husband Mike in 2005 and it was truly love at first sight for both of them!

She worked as a Transaction Coordinator for a commercial real estate agent, a Commercial Developer who was leasing out an entire town center as well as worked with her husband in his building company doing print marketing.
In 2007, the Novaks purchased a small pizza restaurant together as a side business and in 2008 when the US economy crashed, Mike and Rachael lost just about everything they owned - except the restaurant.

She knows how to recover from loss, be resilient in the face of adversity, and most importantly; never quit!

Rachael and Mike had their first daughter in 2009, their son in 2011, and their youngest daughter in 2015.

Over the years, Rachael worked as a stay at home mom, then came back to work in the restaurant company as a General Manager for multiple locations. She has experience hiring, training, writing processes, marketing, hosting and organizing events, and so much more that she really honed through her time working there.
In 2013, Rachael went to follow her passion of fitness and became a CrossFit coach in Mill Creek. She worked as a fitness coach for the next 4 years from adult group classes, personal training and as the Director of a Crossfit Kids program!
In late 2016, when WA state passed laws affecting the state’s minimum wage, which was going to directly affect their restaurant business, Mike and Rachael decided to get back into the real estate industry that they both had experience in and enjoyed so much.

Rachael renewed her license in January 2017 and she and Mike have been running the Novak Team together since!

They built another home together in 2020 in which she did 100% of the design work for and is intimately familiar with the process of building and construction of residential homes - which of course translates well with the work she does in help her clients prep their homes for the market.

Rachael is a certified stager, a leader in the local and national real estate space, and has personally helped over 200 families sell or purchase a home in the last 4 years. She is a straight-shooter who is honest and caring and who works hard for her clients.

Throughout her vast experience raising 3 kids (an ongoing adventure!), working with commercial real estate in leasing and contract negotiations, running group fitness and kid’s CrossFit classes, managing a restaurant of 30 employees, helping manage the marketing of her husband’s building company in the early 2000’s, and everything in-between, she utilizes all of the skills she’s honed over the years to help her clients navigate the journey of selling a home successfully and assertively and is excited for the opportunity to work with you as well!
Jim Black
Elite Agent
Jim has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2004, personally helping hundreds of clients buy, sell, or invest in real estate. Jim is passionate about his commitment to ensuring each client receives a white glove experience when dealing with one of the biggest purchases of their lives.

After college, Jim joined the world of finance and quickly realized the cubicle life wasn't for him. He wanted to help people in a greater capacity. His two daughters, Anna and Madeline, are the greatest motivation behind his drive and success. And, ultimately, he challenges himself, every day to create a bigger world for his teammate, clients, and his family.

Jim founded The Jim Black Group in 2013. Located in Central Mass and serving clients in MA and CT, we are a full-service real estate firm committed to providing the highest level of service to clients. Jim and his team understand that to provide world-class service you must work with sincerity and integrity, and will be with you every step of the way ensuring a smooth transaction. This makes for an unforgettable experience so that clients become raving fans and continue to refer the Jim Black Group to everyone they know!
Ed Stroud
Elite Agent
Edward's path began with his father teaching him how to invest in Real Estate at the age of 13. He started to understand that you get what you give and that hard work and good values will pay big dividends.

Edward soon became interested in all aspects of real estate and the opportunities in this arena. He expanded his knowledge into Commercial, Farm, Industrial, Residential Development, and New Construction.

Being the Owner and Leader of the Number 1 real estate Team in Northwest Missouri, he has continued to pour into people all over, to make them better every day!