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Course Features
  • 1 hour of live discussion

  • Moderator: Ray Ellen
  • Level:  New Agent,  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams
Course Overview
In this mastermind discussion-style class, we will take some of the greatest nonfiction business-building books in the world, read together, ask important questions, discuss key takeaways, listen as subject matter experts share their experiential wisdom, and develop a plan to apply what we have learned. Through this "society", not only will your business improve but, if you are open to it, so will your life.
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  Mastermind Groups

Ninja Selling launches April 6!

I am excited to announce that the next book we will be going through is HYPER focused on real esate.
We covered Exactly What to Say, The YouTube Formula and we just finished Atomic Habits so we are giong back to practical/tactical tips to help you GROW your business.
Several years ago I read Ninja Selling and became a "ninja" by attending a "Ninja Installation" in Colorado with Larry Kendall. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a ton through the book and it helped me grow my business. I STILL use some of the same tips and processes today!
So lets get into it! Heading right in to Spring and Summer lets be hyper focused on our busienss as a real estate agents and GROW so we can sell more!

  • March 23 - Spring Break, No Meeting, buy the book, invite all your friends.
  • March 30 - Spring Break, No Meeting, start reading, invite all your friends.
  • April 6 - Intro to Ninja Selling, reading calendar relseased, invite all your friends.
  • April 13 - 15 - No Bookclub, Houston Meet Up if you are at REVB (
  • April 20 - FIRST Ninja Selling Chapter Discussion & Applications

So grab the book and be ready to appy these principals and concepts to grow your business! Get the book: 🥷🏠

Thank you!
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Connect with Ray

If you are part of this course or if you have watched one of the replays, shoot Ray a direct message on Instagram & let him know!
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Meet The Moderator

Ray Ellen

Ray is a national speaker whose passion is to help agents master their craft; from real estate expertise to content creation & distribution. He is host of the tWiRE podcast (this Week in Real Estate Podcast) for five years – a world wide podcast that helps agents know what is happening in the housing market & economy.

He began his career in 2006 as a marketing assistant & became a licensed Realtor® in 2007… just in time to see the worst real estate crash in history. Now he runs the Pixel Properties team with REAL Broker. 

Ray is a mentor to many agents, a contributor to Broke Agent Media, & has been featured in Realtor Magazine, Inman, and on many stages, panels, trainings, podcasts and shows around the country.

Ray has the heart of a teacher. He works hard to find the best way to distill complex topics down to simple concepts that audiences can relate too and then provides practical steps towards specific "best practice" strategies. 

Ray loves live Q&A and believes some of the best value gained in his keynotes & speaking engagements are taking live questions and working with audience members on specific challenges so everyone can hear in real time the tactical application of what was just taught & discussed.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to follow along with the book to join the live weekly calls?

Not at all. Feel free to join weekly! I strive to make the classes valuable and enjoyable no matter where you are in the reading. Following along with the weekly reading will provide a deeper, richer, & even more insightful discussion but it is not required to be part of our group.

Where can I find previous meetings?

Books that we have completed will be a stand alone course that is attached to this class. You can go through it at your own pace or rewatch and reference the sections/chapters you want to review! They will be organized by chapter number and title to help you find what you are looking for.

How do I get on the email list?

The easiest way is to direct message "RAS" to me on instagram. It will add you to our Real Agent Society email list and you will be sent links to replays & reminders for our next meeting.

What's the next book?

We are reading The YouTube Formula right now. Next up is Atomic Habits which will continue through March.

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