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Course Overview
A monthly mastermind on all things YouTube where we will discuss thumbnails, titles, content strategies, and beyond. Join us to have your channel reviewed or video critiqued so that it performs better.

YouTube is constantly evolving, and this mastermind is here to help you stay up-to-date and increase your views and subscribers.
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Course Features
  • 1 hour of live discussion
  • Level:  New Agent,  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer
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Meet The Moderators

Malcolm Lawson
Malcolm Lawson is a YouTuber turned Real Estate agent and has generated over 20,000,000 organic YouTube views and over 200,000 subscribers across his multiple YouTube channels and is the co-founder of REAL Estate YouTube Mastermind Facebook Group which has over 10,000 real estate agent YouTubers in it. 

Malcolm has been generating leads for his real estate business since 2017 and now teaches other agents how to do the same.
Bill Olson
Bill has been a Realtor® in Charleston, SC since 2015. From early on, he knew that video would be a big part of his business. In 2019 he began focusing primarily on YouTube. Since then he has grown it into the most subscribed and most watched channel in his market.

He has made some bad videos, and some good videos, done things the wrong way and the right way and loves teaching other agents how he learned from his mistakes to generate over 75% of his business from his channel.  

YouTube has allowed him to stop cold calling, door knocking, and chasing bad leads while attracting his ideal clients. This has allowed him to grow his business while also spending more time with his wife, Lexie, and two kids, Bo & Scarlett.