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Course Overview

Unlock the Recipe for Success with Team Cookbook Roundtable Discussion!

Are you eager to start and grow your winning team using the power of proven recipes for success? Serri Rowell (The Brand Realty) and Beth Nordaune (Enclave) have teamed up to offer you the essential ingredients for constructing a robust and highly profitable team. Our focus? Achieving the perfect blend of talent and technology to craft the ultimate recipe for your success.  

The Magic of Dreamers and Executors:
Just like the perfect recipe, where the chef's vision (the dreamer/team leader) combines seamlessly with the culinary skills (the executor/ops), this fusion creates a magical combo for success. Discover how to make this dynamic partnership work wonders for your team.  

What You'll Learn in Our Monthly Group Talks:

  • Crafting the Perfect Recipe: Delve into the nuts and bolts of turning your team's dreams into a thriving reality, just like crafting a culinary masterpiece.
  • Industry Secrets: Gain insights and tips from specialists who have successfully managed teams, both within and beyond the realm of real estate. They will enrich our conversations and reveal the essential ingredients for team growth and business scaling.
  • Adding Technology as a Secret Ingredient: Explore innovative ways to incorporate technology into your team's recipe, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Creating a Flawless Blend: Discover the secrets to fostering harmonious team dynamics that drive results, just like achieving a perfect flavor balance.  

Join Us on the Path to Success!

We want the team leader AND the operations manager/director to participate in our monthly group talks and embark on a journey to uncover the recipe for success that will transform your team.  Learn from industry experts who will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to take your team to new heights.

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Course Features

  • 1 hour of live discussion
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams
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Meet the Moderators

Serri Rowell
Elite Agent - Team Leader
Serri Rowell is the Owner and Team Leader of The Brand Realty Team, formerly known as Serri Home Team.

She has been a licensed Realtor® since 2005 and obtained her Brokers License in 2017 as well as worked as a Loan Processor for several large banks in her early career days.  She has helped over 600 people buy and sell homes in that time.

She is passionate about personal growth, business development, helping people, and spending time with her husband and 5 boys!

Serri resides in Carlsbad and has raised her children there. When she isn’t working, you can find her traveling to warm sunny beaches.
Beth Nordaune
Elite Agent - Team Leader
Beth has been a visionary in the real estate industry and understood the importance of a team early in her real estate career.

Beth started her team over 13 years ago and is now the CEO and founder of the Enclave Team, one of the top large teams in the US, which is spread between two of the largest cities in Minnesota. The average agent on the Enclave team sells $6.7 million in volume annually. Her team will help over 500 families buy or sell a home this year.

Beth has moved out of production and daily team operations to start The Enclave Way, where she coaches and consults the operational framework that increased her revenue 70% in three years. Her specialty is working with team leaders who want to grow to a large or mega team. The Enclave Way has the map to help you scale into something bigger than yourself.

Beth believes that success is not an event; it’s a process; there is not one golden ticket toward achievement- it takes the right mindset, systems, and people to create your map to reach success.