Crushing It On YouTube

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Course Overview
An introduction to YouTube course and how to make video marketing work for you. In just over 2 years, YouTube is now bringing Cody 80% of his business. In this class you’ll learn why YouTube is so effective, how to get started, the tools to use for filming, editing & channel management, how to create thumbnails, and tips for success.
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Course Features
  • Instructor: Cody Steck
  • Live Time: 45 Mins
  • Video time: 45 Mins
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer
Topics Covered
  • How Does YouTube Work?
  • Why Is YouTube So Effective
  • Why You Need YouTube
  • Getting Started
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Thumbnails & Posting
  • Final Tips & Thoughts

 Online Marketing

Meet The Instructor

Cody Steck

Cody is a realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah focused on helping others learn about real estate investing and passive income. 
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