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Course Overview

In this 4-part series, we will cover all aspects of successfully hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) for your business, from interviewing potential candidates to effectively compensating, training, and managing them.

Gain invaluable insights into leveraging the unique skills and abilities of your VA to maximize productivity and propel your business forward.

Discover strategies for fostering a strong and enduring working relationship, ensuring the long-term retention and a successful partnership with your Virtual Assistant.
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Topics Covered

  • Leverage Focus Areas
  • Principles & Myths
  • Why People Fail
  • Company vs. Individual
  • Where To Hire
  • How To Hire
  • How Much VA's Cost
  • Training Your VA
  • How To Keep Your VA
  • Apps, Tools, & Tech
  • The First 3 Steps To Get Started

Course Features

  • Live Time: 1 hours
  • Video time: 1 hour
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer,  Teams

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Meet The Instructors

Felix Chan

Felix started in Real Estate in early 2009 and is licensed as a realtor and mortgage broker. By specializing in both real estate and mortgages, Felix can reduce the stress caused by both areas.

Life is a journey of continuous learning, Felix enjoys podcasts, audiobooks, and videos on self improvement of all levels. Felix particularly enjoys listening to Simon Sinek, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Gary V, and teachings from Dandipani, Jay Shetty and a number of positive, inspirational individuals.

When not working, Felix finds time to be at the gymnastics club flipping his heart away, climbing, hiking, or doing calisthenics at the gym. He is a fitness fanatic and is passionate about travelling abroad, looking for new real estate investing opportunities, and connecting with individuals with a thirst for personal growth.

Felix’s passion lies in learning so he can be the best version of himself every day, in both personal and business life. Felix enjoys putting himself in uncomfortable situations so he can grow, face his fears, and build stronger mental grit.

Jasben Lai

Raised as the son of his REALTOR® mother, Jasben had the privilege of seeing his mother’s joy and fulfillment, as she continually put a smile on her happy clients everyday. His passion was ignited for helping others to achieve success in their real estate goals. Jasben brings 14 years of sales experience and several were as a top producing Account Manager, providing tailored solutions to C-Level Executives to ensure a streamlined and an impactful result.

Throughout his career experience, Jasben has honed a specialized skill set in superior negotiation skills, exceptional customer service, strategic planning, and savvy marketing strategies. Coupled with his deep understanding of the numbers as a Finance Major, he can protect and minimize the risks for his clients, while also helping them to plan for their future financial growth and ROI.

A fan and avid player of team sports like ice hockey and volleyball, he strongly advocates that teams always outperform an individual. Therefore Jasben has surrounded himself with a team of professional service providers: lawyers, building contractors, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, etc. so that he can always recommend the highest quality of service for specialists in each respective profession.

In his free time, Jasben enjoys camping, snowboarding, and spending time with his German Shepherd/Border Collie dog, Lily.