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Course Overview

Hone your negotiation skills! Negotiation is an essential part of our real estate business and mastering it can make all the difference in your success.

In this class, we will cover the fundamentals of negotiation, including what it is, the different forms it takes, and the importance of leverage. We will also discuss laydowns, understanding the person you're negotiating with, mirroring and contrasting, parking your ego for progress, and playing the long game for wins.

By the end of this class, you will have a deeper understanding of how to negotiate effectively and you will be able to recognize different negotiation tactics and techniques, and use them to your advantage. You will also learn how to build trust and rapport with your clients and how to navigate difficult negotiations and gain a competitive edge. Join us and take the first step toward becoming a master negotiator.
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Topics Covered

  • What Is Negotiation?
  • Forms Of Negotiation
  • All About Leverage
  • Laydowns
  • Understanding The Avatar You're Negotiating With
  • Mirroring & Contrasting
  • Parking Ego For Progress
  • Playing For Long-Game Wins
Course Features
  • Live / Video Time: 1 Hour
  • Level:  New Agent,  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer
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Meet The Instructor

Randy Plaice


Team Leader of Randy Plaice & Associates.  When Randy began his full time real estate career, he had one thing in mind – his clients. His clients' needs, their wants and very often their dreams.

Every member of Randy's team holds this concept very near and dear to their hearts. From the first phone call or email to long after they close their first deal together, they are there to provide their clients the absolute highest level of service and care possible.

Randy has assembled only the most professional and highly skilled real estate partners to help aid and assist every step along the way.

Every client is different, just like every deal is different and they highly encourage an open line of communication so they always have their visions aligned.
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