SEO For Google & YouTube Domination Series

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Course Overview

Want to rank higher, gain subscribers, get more views, and increase watch time? In this series, you will learn how to grow your presence and strengthen your video marketing efforts with proven and effective SEO and lead generation strategies that get your content in front of your target audience.
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Course Features:
  • Instructor: Karin Carr
  • Video Time: 06:30 hours
  • Level:  Experienced Agent,  Top Producer

Topics Covered

  • Why Organic Leads Are My Favorite
  • YouTube vs. FB & IG For Lead Generation
  • Keywords & Ranking
  • 3 Things To Make Google Love Your Content
  • Tools To Help You
  • Best Practices
  • Picking A Focus For Your YouTube Channel
  • Video Topics That Work
  • 7 Tips For Looking Better On Camera
  • Designing Your Filming Studio
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Making Video Creation As Easy As Possible

 Online Marketing

Meet The Instructor

Karin Carr

Karin Carr is a Realtor® and Real Estate Coach.  Karin’s website currently ranks for more than 5,800 organic keywords and generates 2,000 monthly clicks. 

In her words:
How did I go from Karin Carr REALTOR® to Karin Carr ‘Real Estate Agent Coach’? Well, after becoming a licensee in 2005, my husband and I moved several times. Each time we relocated it was like being a new agent all over again. I had zero: name recognition, sphere of influence, database, or market share.

In June 2017 we moved from Atlanta to Savannah. ONCE AGAIN, I had to start fresh. With no clients or money coming in, I decided to go all in on my YouTube channel.

I loved being a video creator and figured it would be a solid approach way to building name recognition. I dedicated my time and energy to learning as much as possible about building an engaging YouTube channel. And my business SKYROCKETED!
Today? My YouTube channel is responsible for 75% of my production. That means I never have to farm, cold call, or send mailers. You get it; closings and commission checks.
Patrick Jones - Course author