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Course Overview

Master the art of creating an environment that resonates with individuals on a deeper level, ultimately maximizing your chances for a successful sale.

  • Understand how a well-staged home influences potential buyers' emotions and decisions.
  • Learn the secrets to optimizing space, enhancing aesthetics, and creating irresistible curb appeal.
  • Explore strategies for effective home staging in various markets, from bustling urban centers to serene suburban landscapes.
  • Discover cost-effective techniques to achieve stunning results, proving that home staging is accessible at every price point.
  • Gain insights into the correlation between staging and faster, more lucrative home sales."

Join us and discover the secrets that turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases that leave a lasting impression at every price point. 
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Topics Covered

  • The psychology of buyer perception
  • Maximizing space & appeal
  • Adapting to diverse markets
  • Budget-friendly staging tips
  • Staging for quick sales
Course Features
  • Video Time: 1 hour
  • Level:  New Agent  Experienced Agent  Top Producer
Meet The Instructor

Nichole Story

I'm Nichole Story, with 18 years of experience in the real estate industry. Over the years, I've successfully sold hundreds of homes and viewed thousands more. My expertise also extends to interior design, as I studied at the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, California.

More than a decade ago, I ventured into home staging for clients, and more than five years ago, I expanded my services to encompass full-service interior design and project management.
Today, I operate a comprehensive Interior Design and Home Staging Division in conjunction with my real estate business.

Homeowners and fellow real estate professionals frequently engage my services to prepare homes for the market. Additionally, I take on interior design projects of all sizes for homeowners.
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